Govt to extend free water, electricity package for another three months

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Comment: NDC fools

2020-07-23 20:04:25
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The incompetent one who always uses the lazy man's approach without thinking outside the box.they would have done the opposite of what this government is doing for Ghanaians.. What would we have expected from the NDC if they were to be in Gorverment in the covid era.
1. They would have cut down gov expenditure by stop paying teacher/ nurses allowances and teachers for staying home for no work done in the covid era.
2.Businesses wold have been heavily taxed instead of supporting them to still be in business.
3. Health workers salary would have been slashed in the name of gorverment not been able to raise more revenue.
4. Interest rate,inflation and all the economic indicator will be showing negative growth as we know you are good at.
5. The economy would have been growing at a negative figure or in ICU.
6. They will tell citizenry to prepare for hard times ahead to pay for goods and services, utilities to survive this COVID era.
Ghanaian don't have short memory again and we know who will help us and manage our economy well.
Let join hands and keep the incompetent one in opposition.

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Nana Poku on Jul 23, 2020 19:35
bb on Jul 23, 2020 20:04