Virtual play against the stigmatization of infected coronavirus persons set for August 1

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2020-07-27 18:56:32
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Foolish and joker government run by Corrupt men and bad people..you have the guts to open tourists places who are the tourist? Tourist are people from outside the country so. Who should go to the tourist places, you open drinking bars yet close the airport that gives give the tourist places money as well as the hotels..you have destroy man jobs and you don't care..the poor becoming poorer each day...you open churches that gives the country nothing BUT shut the borders that help Ghana in every way...you ask own citizen to pay 3.5m a night as the cheapest to forced to live hotel which is 49million for 14 days..who in the right mind will do that to own citizens..are the government going to do that to foreigners like British, American, Asians, and many countries nationals when they come? If that happens it will be on CNN or BBC saying the Ghana government using the coronavirus to rip and steal money from own citizens by forcing them to live in hotels paying 49million for 14 days..cant that money be use to do something useful for family members who the government have destroyed by lying to them? No foreigner will pay a penny to force them to hotels but will ask own citizen to pay that..Joker country run by morons and twats..Common sense needs to be applied here..

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