Coronavirus: All Africa seeks Fifa's Coronavirus Relief fund help

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2020-09-21 01:49:06
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Coronavirus: All Africa seeks Fifa's Coronavirus R

The United States imposed travel restrictions from China on February 2 and from Europe on March 13, but Covid-19 was circulating in New York City neighborhoods by March 8, and by March 15, the virus had spread widely in communities, the analysis found. The virus that is most closely spreading is the one that most closely matches the strain that is spreading in Europe rather than China. The President of the Donald Trump has repeatedly accused the virus of not stopping its spread to the United States. According to the report, when the Donald Trump administration imposed travel restrictions on Europe, imports of the virus and community transmission of the disease began in New York City. When the epidemic began in New York City, testing was limited, allowing people who had not found a case to spread the virus. Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed to his travel ban as evidence of his government's effective response to the epidemic, saying on recent Tuesday that "we have saved one million people, possibly one million lives" .

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