Boxing News Mon, 3 Sep 2018

My son has been over pampered — Azumah Nelson

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Comment: Boxers are made, not born

St. Ghfuo: Is this your best?
2018-09-03 19:59:45
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It’s not by force

Over 90 percent of all kids of ex boxers don't really aspire for greatness because boxers are made. Boxer typically come from poor, ghettos and that's worldwide. U rarely see accomplished boxers coming from middle class and wealthy backgrounds. This kid should help his father promote the company and eventually become a boxing promoter because if he continues to fight. Some hood negga with no economic opportunities will catch him and whip him well. You are fortunate to have be Azumah' kid. Get your education and help with your Father's business. Boxing is not for you

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St. Ghfuo: Is this your best? on Sep 3, 19:59
Boxers are made, not born