Re-opening of schools should be systematic - Activist

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Comment: Re-opening of Schools

Eric Baah
2020-05-24 10:53:26
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Re-opening of schools should be systematic - Activ

I am concern of our children future and also unprecedented and uncharted situation that the global world is facing which our Motherland Ghana is not exempted.
Please our dear Government of Ghana, the President of Ghana, Nana Addo, the Minister of Higher and Lower Education, l appeal to you all, the re-opening of schools must be carefully and thoroughly consider all avenues such as such, parents concern, teachers safety , our lovely children in each school safety. Again, good strategies must be put in place before schools re-opening.
My suggests are, if the per-conditions are not favorable, please we Ghanaian s initiated the Schools Academy Systems and its operations,we can decided not to re-opening the schools at all till this enemy (corona virus pandemic) is subsided.

We must not re-opening schools because other countries on our continents have done so. l hope as we all team up , a clear strategies will be emerged for schools re-opening. May God guides you all stakeholders and our parents of our children as they are the custodian of these children in all schools . Let me assure you all , that we will over this pandemic, but its need team works and corp-orating from all our lovely Citizens. From above Name, Good bye.

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