Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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Comment: Diz is Cleeaarrr

2020-06-29 16:42:25
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Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers pe

What's happening? EU can't exclude as for no reason. This government said WHO has considered us as one the best country's when it comes to the containment or management of the COVID-19 on the continent, so therefore if indeed we have archived all these we should have then be no one to be allowed from the continent.
Why is EU no reading/hearing from our so called effort here in Ghana?
If the EU don't know Ghana is the first and only country in Africa to have over 6000 recoveries in a single day so if they can't appreciate all these magic by our government lead the short devil man then there's something wrong with the EU. ????????

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