Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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2020-06-29 17:37:37
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This is because our government has messed up big time for lying about the COVID19 to get money as if there's is virus in Ghana...all this deaths are lies....just give us credible details of the people you claimed died from the coronavirus. Please give their names, which town they died, which hospital they got treated, and where they are from. The Ghana government giving us just their age, the region they died rather than the town and the name hospital they died, and where they go treated. This is just simple questions...no family has come out saying our brother/sister died from the virus or doing private family for loved ones who died from the virus..no one has come out because if the government give names and the hospital or the town they died everyone will know the government is lying... there is no such thing...the Ghana government is lying to Ghanaians and the whole world to get money to use for their election campaign..ones you lie about the Covid19 that people are dying in your country, many country will support your country financially..the president confirmed that the health minister got the virus and he is in hospital but, 2 days after he was discharged from same hospital, this shows the lies we live in..if anyone test positive the government quarantine them or self isolate them for 14 days so why the health minister got better in 2 days..

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