Ghana, Nigeria excluded from list of travellers permitted to enter Europe from July 1

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2020-06-29 18:48:03
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India included

Lack of knowledge, my people shall perish!
You think the criteria for no admission into Europe is the countries who have greater number of infections? This is not about a name of a country, race, a government or a president! It is about the behaviour of the PEOPLE in a country who are downplaying the dangers of the Coronavirus. The people who act ignorant like USA, Brazil, Ghana etc. The people who refuse to observe social distancing, do not wear mask and do not undertake other COVID-19 preventative protocols are the biggest concern of the European Union. Europe and other responsible countries are watching us so let us stop behaving like we are idiots.
Nobody drinks medicine for the sick. No matter how good the Medicine-Man is, the Rules of taken the Medication must be observed by the Patient else the medicine is rendered Useless.
Fellow Ghanaians, you see we are not helping ourselves by sitting on the fence and blaming our president for the spread of COVID-19. How many times hasn’t the President addressed the nation on this pandemic? You can choose to reason with me or attack me. But the truth is that right now, there is no remedy to COVID-19 beside observing social distancing and other laid down protocols.
Europe was hit very hard with the Coronavirus but the people are now taking the social distancing and other protocols to manage the spread of the virus seriously.
You don’t need a government to force you to observe the rules; Nor do you need a president to whip you to wear a mask!
Canada shares common borders with USA. New York in particular, and Ontario share same border but the rate of infections and deaths in Canada is very very minimal in comparison. Ask yourself why? The people in Canada unlike USA takes the COVID-19 preventative protocols very very serious. The government doesn’t force Canadians to observe the rules and measures, yet the people show understanding and they always do WHAT IS RIGHT to prevent the spread of the virus.
Please, my fellow Ghanaians let us stop the blame game and do what is right to stop the spread of this deadly virus in our beloved country. Let us put politics aside and join hands in the crusade to fight COVID-19 and partake in education. How many African countries are in the European Union’s admissible list? The problem is the behaviour of the people in Africa towards the control of this pandemic. This isn’t bias. It is not about white or black, rich or poor, because almighty USA is even included. Europe is very serious this time!
If we want to win the hearts and minds of the European Union and other seriously COVID-19 preventative driven Countries who have learned their lessons the hard way, we the people of Ghana and Africa as a whole, must stop the blame game and get VERY SERIOUS.

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