Coronavirus: Ghana Medical Association saddened by loss of Dr Richard Kisser

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Comment: GMA Too Weak!!!

2020-07-03 21:06:08
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Coronavirus: Ghana Medical Association saddened by

This crop of GMA and its exceutives are extremely weak no wonder renowned members among them are just dying like that. This is because instead of leading the fight to ensure that Government and its appointees provide the necessary PPEs and observe other protocols to fight the virus, they rather in bed with government.

GMA may ask the sense in the ongoing voter registration in Ghana? If you had stood your professional grounds and called the bluff of government that huge money being wasted on this exercise will have been channeled into providing your members with PPEs and other amenities in the health centres to take care of all citizens. Look at the experienced Doctors your are losing to COVID-19, Dr Kisser, Dr Plange Rhule etc.

If you do not sit up and tell government in plane language that it is failing you will loose a lot more experienced members.

Why have you been silent on the glaring evidence that the cases in Ghana shall surely rise after this useless voters registration?

Act fast to protect the few of you left but if you refuse the Almighty God shall take care of the poor but you..........

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Agbadza on Jul 3, 21:06