Business News Wed, 12 Sep 2018

AlYah launches Ghana’s first satellite internet service

A leading Satellite Communications company, Yah Sat has launched Ghana’s first ever satellite broadband internet service, YahClick.

Unlike wireless and fibre internet which are often limited by geography and terrestrial conditions, this ground breaking technology will allow Ghanaians across the country experience fast and reliable internet connectivity.

The service delivers upstream and downstream data to and from a computer through a high throughput satellite, which enables the users to instantly connect the internet.

This is done with the help of a small dish and antenna anywhere within the coverage area.

Speaking to Citi News at the launch, Country Manager of YahClick, Denver Bartman indicated that the new service will bring development to rural Ghana where many usually lack good internet services.


“The fact that we can now offer services to rural areas, the fact that there can be businesses started there and the fact that we can assist businesses that are there. YahClick gives them the ability to access information,” he said.

He added that the new satellite internet is reliable, even in the remotest parts of the country.

“What we at Yahclick are able to offer is a 99.5% up time so it becomes much more reliable than terrestrial services which faces issues on the ground,” he stressed.

YahClick’s service providers in Ghana are ICT companies, Teledata ICT and Comsys Ghana Limited.

Source: citibusinessnews.com