Business News Tue, 30 Jun 2015

What buyers want: online platform for brand new car/truck trades

Despite recent slump of new car registrations in Ghana, demand for new cars is booming online and on the internet.

According to hwehwe.com.gh, commissioned study on new car buyers’ behaviours - car seekers and buyers have very concrete expectations: they want a trusted dealer and professional counselling - the Buyer does not always consider the cheapest price factor, but also cares whether they are given a fair offer.

With the “new cars section” of Autos at hwehwe.com.gh; the “new car search” functionality brings together not only new car buyers and dealers in an attractive way, but fully meets the requirements of the new consumer behaviour.

Consumers today enjoy some virtual shopping experiences and use the Internet as a source of information specifically for the purchase decision process.

And increasingly it is also about new cars: online searches account for 27 percent for all new car buyers, 10 percent makes new car purchases on the Internet.


According to the findings of a trend study by a Consulting House on behalf of hwehwe.com.gh, Michael Yaw Appiah, CEO of hwehwe.com.gh said "It is very clear from this study that brand new cars are being bought increasingly online.

“For me, therefore, there is no question that the Internet is most important growth driver for the brand new car trade. Sales slump and/or falling new car registrations - the current situation is forcing manufacturers and retailers to think in the highly competitive business with new vehicles through new distribution channels. Brand new cars/trucks trade online – is here to stay! "

There are concrete expectations from the car/truck buying community. This emerged from hwehwe.com.gh study. 3,000 car-seekers or potential car buyers were interviewed about their preferences when buying a new car. Result: The choice must not be cheap, but fair! Therefore majority of 95 percent respondents do not only consider the price factor but also on honesty and trustworthiness of the car/truck merchant and dealer.

Around 71 percent respondents want professional and expert advice. 92 percent expect a good offer and selects an auto dealer based on honesty and trustworthiness than to the price.

In addition, the distance to the auto dealer plays a crucial role: Approximately 70 percent of new car buyers want a car dealer within their region or state.


Hwehwe.com.gh has recognized the growing demand for brand new vehicles and have created a dedicated new auto marketplace for the modern auto trade - the opportunity to search for new vehicle offers from stockpiles including individually configuring each new vehicle.

Our hwehwe.com.gh Auto market platform responded quickly to the new consumer behaviour.

"The consumer sets the trend and trade must react accordingly. We bring new car buyers and trade together in a mutually attractive way and present them with new vehicles; hwehwe.com.gh sustainable business model for the automotive industry in its current starting position under the arms attacks, "says Michael.

Source: Hwehwe.com.gh