Bolt drivers’ strike bites hard in Koforidua

Bolt (97).jpeg Bolt services began in the Eastern Region capital in September 2021

Mon, 7 Mar 2022 Source: 3news.com

Bolt drivers in Koforidua are still holding on to the strike action they began on Sunday, March 6.

They are demanding an upward adjustment of base fare from GH¢8 to GH¢10 and a decrease in commission from their management.

Leadership of the Bolt drivers announced their strike action on Sunday, claiming their management have refused to listen to their several pleas.

They cited bad pricing in spite of fuel increment, high commission on drivers’ earning, unexplained irregular activities on the Bolt application as factors that cause drivers to make losses.

The Bolt drivers said the cost of operating has been expensive within the Koforidua operational area.

“It is high time the companies listened to us the drivers. The situation in Koforidua is different from Accra and Kumasi. Koforidua here, it’s new. We drive long distances to pick passengers and drop them at a short journey,” Chairman of the Online Drivers Association in the Eastern Region Christian Opoku Acheampong lamented.

Secretary, Daniel Dellah Pomeyie pointed out that “when they take the 20 percent commission, we are basically left with nothing to take home. We find it difficult to buy fuel and service our cars. We have written to them to increase the base fare to GH¢10, they only added GH¢1 which makes it GH¢8 now instead of the GH¢10 we deserve”.

Customers in Koforidua have been unable to access services. A check online on Monday, March 7 shows all drivers are busy.

Customers who use their service are worried.

“I use Bolt every day; it makes getting to work safe and convenient. If I use the usual taxis, I have to pick twice before I get to my workplace. The strike action would be a worry,” Aurelia Kluste said.

Another customer, John Nuvey, added: “I got to Koforidua on Saturday and I had to use the Bolt services. Their services are safe in the midst of trafficking and theft in recent times because they can be tracked. They not operating would be a challenge.”

Bolt services began in the Eastern Region capital in September 2021.

About 60 drivers have signed on to provide services.

On daily basis, the drivers make an average gross income of between GH¢50 to GH¢100.

Source: 3news.com