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China’s cocoa production not a threat to Ghana - Expert

The Chief Executive Officer of Ohene Cocoa Company Limited, Nana Aduna II, has stated that Ghana needs to add value to its current cocoa production to be able to stand tall on the international market despite China’s entry into the cocoa market.

He said the One-district, one factory should have a special initiative that captures cocoa productions to boost productivity.

According to the Akyeamehene of the Akuapem Traditional Area, the entry of China into the cocoa production market could be the push Ghana needs to develop new local technologies to add value to its cocoa production and go beyond just chocolate and cocoa powder.

“China’s entry is a very positive move. It should spur Ghana on to be more aggressive about cocoa value addition beyond chocolate and cocoa powder,” he told the Daily Graphic.

He is advocating that; Ghana should take advantage of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) to develop new products which can generate more revenue for the country. He said the CRIG is already being used cocoa to develop over 19 products for the country and more can be done.

However, CRIG’s research had explored products such as cocoa juice, cocoa wine, cocoa brandy, cocoa jam, flavoured nibs, roasted nibs and sun-resistant chocolate; shampoo, shower gel and cocoa skin gel from pruned cocoa leaves.

Other products considered under the research were cocoa buttercreams, anti-ageing cream, black soap, cocoa butter soap, cocoa pod pellets for fish farming, cocoa potash for fertiliser and energy, furniture from cocoa wood, cocoa husk, biofuels and health benefits of cocoa.

He further stated that “China’s entry isn’t a threat to production and should rather spur the uses of cocoa and further demand beyond chocolate.”

Nana Aduna II noted that innovative technologies, which are being introduced by China, could make cocoa farming more attractive to the youth in the coming years.

“Currently, we have an ageing farmer problem in Ghana with a farmer average age of close to 56 years,” he said, adding that “Ghana can adapt and apply the appropriate technology, which is currently being done half-heartedly,” He said.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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