Business News Tue, 18 Oct 2016

Customers threaten to distract DKM payments in Bolgantanga

Over 300 validated creditors of DKM Diamond Microfinance in the Upper East Region, have threatened to disrupt the payment process at the Bolgantanga branch of the GCB Bank on Tuesday, if they are not paid their investments today.

The agitations follow the inability of the representative of the Official Liquidator at the bank, to complete payments to all the 500 creditors scheduled for payment on Monday (October 17, 2016).

The Spokesperson for the customers, Clement Asakiya told Citi News’ Frederick Awuni that the inability of the representative of the Official Liquidator to offer them concrete alternatives; sparked their disposition.

“Just a little over hundred people were paid today…what even worsened the situation was when we were asked to return without giving us a concrete answer as to when to come back for our monies,” he stated.

A total of 4000 creditors were expected to be paid across the eight selected branches of GCB Bank on Monday.


But the process ended with hundreds of customers across the country, displeased over their inability to receive their money.

Some of the aggrieved customers who spoke to Citi Business News said they will not back down on today’s action.

“Because they do not want to pay us our monies that is why they intentionally did that…so we are all coming back here today (Tuesday), to get our monies…” one customer remarked.

Another retorted, “If they refuse to pay the investments, we will not allow anyone to be paid as a result.”

“Our colleagues that have been scheduled for 18th and 19th October all have to rally behind us because we fear they are going to face the same challenges,” a third added on.


Meanwhile the Principal Company Inspector for the Official Liquidator, Jones Nathaniel Ansah has assured that the outfit will provide computers and increase the staff strength to facilitate subsequent payments.

Earlier some customers were pleased with the amounts received from the Official Liquidator.

The operations of DKM Microfinance were suspended over a year ago after the regulator cited the company for flouting some rules governing the financial sector.

Source: citifmonline.com