Don't use any password that is easy to guess - Internet users warned

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Sun, 17 Jul 2022 Source: Ona Tech

The founder and publisher of internet safety magazine, Mr. Rotimi Onadipe has warned the public against using any password that is easy to guess so as to reduce their vulnerabilities to cyber attacks e.g. password hacking, email hacking, social media hijacking, among others.

The internet safety advocate gave the warning during his organisation's weekly programme on internet safety which was held at Ibadan on June 4th, 2022.

Onadipe noted that we are in the technology age and cyber criminals are working every day, searching for vulnerable individuals, companies and organisations. It is very important for us to protect ourselves so as to avoid falling victim.

He said, "research has revealed that many internet users prefer to use weak passwords which they believe are easy for them to remember e.g. name and surname, name and spouse's name, name and date of birth, spouse's name and date of birth, mother's name and father's name, best friend's name, pet's name, 12345678, 11111111, abcdefgh, password, among others."

According to Onadipe, most internet users are ignorant of the fact that cyber criminals are very smart and they can easily hack such passwords and take over their social media accounts, email or other online accounts."

"In order to protect your password from being hacked by anyone, always use a strong password that is difficult to guess. A good way to create a strong password is to use at least fourteen characters, mix uppercase letters, lowercase letters, figures and special characters." He added.

Source: Ona Tech
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