Efficient background checks critical to Ghana's recruitment efforts - MRB

Emmanuel Kwame Morrison 112IMG 0962 Emmanuel Kwame Morrison, Cybersecurity analyst and CEO of MRB

Fri, 7 Oct 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Cybersecurity analyst, Emmanuel Kwame Morrison, has underscored the importance of efficient background and data checks in recruitment among Ghana’s public and private sector labour force.

According to him, these checks are vital to seal all the necessary loopholes manual background checks may evade and therefore requires increased investment in cybersecurity technology in the country's labour force.

Speaking at the launch of Morrison Records Bureau (MRB) operations in Accra, the cybersecurity expert also emphasised the importance of Ghana’s digitalization agenda and its associated impact on the economy and development.

“We are in a new dawn and with Ghana leading the continent with its digitalization drive, more tech companies will set shop in Ghana and contribute to the country’s economic development,” he noted.

“By using ultra-modern technology and software with minimal bugs, we will provide businesses and individuals with client-focused and result-driven services, meeting demands with a high level of integrity and professionalism,” Kwame Morrison explained.

The Cybersecurity analyst further implored companies and businesses to take advantage of the first indigenous technology-driven background checking system.

“We [MRB] aim to provide trusted technology-driven background check services to assist individuals and businesses. We have also followed all due processes and secured all prerequisite data protection clearance to run background check services in Ghana and other key markets on the continent.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Jeff Bassey a Global HR practitioner and expert said the employment of deviant persons in any organisation must be critically checked else the institution will face the risk of being slapped with charges or questions of negligent hiring.

“Normally, the perpetrator and the organisation are jointly liable in the evidence that the individual causes harm in any form. Many organisations have been slapped with liabilities in times past in decided cases both in Ghana and elsewhere.”

“No organisation will want to pay huge compensations for negligent hiring and so it's important that companies deploy the necessary background checks during recruitment,” Dr. Bassey added.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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