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Fuel adulteration reduces from 23% to 5% - NPA

NPA explains varying prices of fuel products in Ghana

NPA working to eradicate use of adulterated fuel

Public sensitized on effects of adulterated fuel, NPA

The National Petroleum Authority has indicated a reduction in the activities of adulterated fuel products on the market.

According to the Communications Manager for the Authority, recent checks have shown a reduction of about 23 percent to 5 percent of the adulterated fuel products.

Taking his turn on GhanaWeb TV’s Lowdown segment, Mohammed Abdul-Kudus said the NPA is “seriously working at reducing fuel adulteration in the system”.

“And we have not stopped, we are continuously doing that, every year during our consumer week celebration we choose a location and go and educate the people, and depending on the issue that is on the table we choose a theme and educate people on it. Presently it appears that adulterated fuel is of major concern. So last year we were at Ho, and we sensitized the people on the risks of buying adulterated fuel and the need to report to us anytime you have the suspicion or evidence of one.”

He, however, explained the varying prices of fuel in Ghana stating that the fuel is brought into the country from different places thus the same prices limits cannot be attained.

He added that the forex rates, transportation costs, etc contribute to the ex-pump price of fuel.

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