Business News Wed, 29 Mar 2000

GSE All-Share Index marks time for the second time in 24 hours

Accra, March 29, GNA - The main market index, the GSE All-Share Index, marked time for the second time in 24 hours although bids jumped over the one million mark, thanks to hunger for Mechanical Lloyd shares.

The index remained at 760.86 points while the change for the year stood still at 3.36 per cent. Total volume of shares that actually changed hands on Wednesday plummeted to a mere 4,000 from 58,000.

Bids were far higher on Wednesday at 1,043,100 shares compared with only 93,000 on Tuesday. One million bids were for Mechanical Lloyd shares but there were only 52,900 offers and no sales.

There were 31,200 bids for Unilever shares but there were only 6,700 offers. Total offers remained in the same region at 1,249,710 compared with Tuesday's 1,232,210 shares, and as much as 757,600 offers were from SSB Bank but there were only 1,400 offers and no sales.

Market capitalisation remained at 3,244.34 billion cedis. The following are the last prices of listed equities in cedis:
 ABL 500 AGC 18,700ALW 2,486 BAT 460 CFAO 40 EIC 1,880 FML 960 GBL 1,450 GCB 885 GGL 976 HFC 770 MGL 200 MLC 150 MOGL 14,550 PAF 294 PZ 800 SCB 19,500 SPPC 150 SSB 2,000 UNIL 1,848 UTC-E 125 CMLT 421

Source: GNA