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Ghana Food and Drugs Authority warn against use of glutathione for skin bleaching

Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for Ghana warn de public against de use of glutathione injections for skin lightening.

According to de FDA, dem no approve de substance for use in de country.

Inside press statement wey dem release, FDA CEO, Delese A.A. Darko talk say dem dey "caution de public on unsafe use of injectable glutathione which people dey promote for social media for skin lightening and bleaching."

Some even dey advertise de glutathione injection say e dey "correct uneven skin tone wey e dey reduce blemishes" she add.

For a while now, sales of de injections don full online as marketers claim say e be good for skin lightening.

Social media adverts dey on rise

BBC Pidgin checks for online show say people dey sell de glutathione injections between $170 - $350 dollars.

Dem dey market de product for online marketing platforms where people dey fit sell without major regulation like shop owners.

Dem dey advertise say de product dey clear wrinkles, remove scars, anti aging den stuff.

Based on information dem provide, claims be say de users for inject am weekly for two months to see results.

Risk of cancer, hepatitis B and HIV

FDA say no clinical evidence on safety of dis products, meanwhile no study dey to show say e be effective for skin lightening and bleaching.

According to de FDA, de use of injectable glutathione dey pose risk to users.

De skin lightening product according to FDA go fit cause toxic effects on de liver, kidneys de nervous system.

Apart from dis, people who use am go fit develop serious skin reactions den even skin cancer, dat na wetin di FDA add.

Also, dem explain say dis product fit expose people to hepatitis B and C den even transmission of HIV sake wrong use of needles.

Source: www.bbc.com
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