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Ghanaian entrepreneurs urged to prioritize succession planning in their ventures

Executive Chairman of JL Holdings, Dr James Orleans Lindsay is prevailing on Ghanaian business owners to attach more importance to business succession planning for their enterprise to survive beyond them.

According to him, it is high time indigenous entrepreneurs did away with the culture of passing down companies to family and friends instead of qualified persons.

He spoke on business leadership program, the Executive Lounge on the JOY NEWS Channel on Multi TV.

Dr James Orleans Lindsay said, “A lot of people want to pass the companies down to their children to manage it. I noticed that does not work.”


He advised owners of indigenous businesses to put their companies in capable hands.

“I plan to hand over to someone from inside the fold, not necessarily my family, but someone who can do the job,” he said.

The full episode of Executive Chairman of JL Holdings, Dr James Orleans Lindsay airs on Saturday at 6 pm with a repeat on Sunday at 8 pm on the JOYNEWS channel on MultiTV and on DSTV channel 421.

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