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Government demands good working conditions for Ghanaians in Gulf States

The Employment and Labour Relations Minister, Ignatius Baffour Awuah has announced that government is in the process of putting together a bilateral agreement with countries in the Gulf States to ensure good working conditions of Ghanaian workers in the region.

Government in 2017 placed a ban on all employment agencies in the country recruiting Ghanaians to work in foreign countries, particularly, in the Gulf region, following incessant reports of inhumane treatment meted out to some Ghanaian domestic workers in the Gulf States by their employers.

According to the Employment and Labour Relations Minister, Ignatius Baffour Awuah, it is a top priority of government to ensure that Ghanaians working in foreign countries are entitled to good working conditions.

“We believe in the dignity of the Ghanaian , be it in Ghana or outside Ghana and we think that every Ghanaian worker whether the person is working in or out of Ghana should be accorded with decency, so that is what we are seeking to do”, he stated.

The Minister spoke to the media on the sidelines of the MIAC job faire 2018 which is the Ghanaian-German center for jobs, migration and reintegration held in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.


“You will recall somewhere in the early part of last year with regards to foreign migration especially to the Gulf States, we placed a ban on the importation of Ghanaians to those parts”

He explained, “So currently what we are doing is that we are developing a bilateral agreement with countries in the Gulf and there are some of them that have brought proposals on what they think the relationship should be”.

Mr. Baffuor Awuah stated that a document has been forwarded to the Attorney Generals’ Department.

“We have even had a positive feedback so what is left to be done is to send a cabinet memo to cabinet for its consideration,” he added.

About the fair


The objective of the job fair was to complement government’s efforts at reducing youth unemployment.

The ultimate goal of the fair was to provide onsite recruitment for the unemployed youth.

The fair was preceded by a series of trainings for the participants to ensure ideal matches between employers and potential employees-

Source: citibusinessnews.com