Business News Sun, 19 Nov 2017

Government grants policy approval for establishment of national airline

The government has granted policy approval for the establishment of a national airline but the Aviation Ministry is exercising caution.

According to the Ministry, sustainability and transparency are key in deciding on the national carrier.

Deputy Aviation Minister, Kwabena Darko Mensah told JoyNews the government is mindful of the challenges that resulted in the collapse of Ghana Airways and will ensure the new approach avoids them.

“We are now working throughout the processes to make sure that we set an airline that is sustainable so we are not in a rush. Now that we’ve gotten the approval, ours is to make sure that we open up the system to a transparent process and make sure the right people get in and they can partner the government to set up the national airline,” Mr. Mensah said.


The new airline, he added, although a government initiative, will be a private-sector-led.

The Deputy Aviation Minister revealed that the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority had received interests from several airlines, including Qatar Airways, to start operations in the country.

The Ministry hopes to start granting approvals from 2018.

He also announced plans by the government to upgrade facilities at the Kumasi airport to international status as well as complete the upgrading of the Ho airport.

Source: Myjoyonline.com