Here are the top 5 industries with the biggest job openings

Technology2019 IT & Telecoms has been listed as the top area with the biggest job openings

Mon, 19 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• A new report has stated the top industries for job seekers to look at

• Jobberman is the brain behind the report

• At the top of that list is IT & Telecoms

A research conducted by recruitment firm, Jobberman Ghana has showed that the top 3 industries with great opportunities are in IT & Telecoms; Media & Communications, Advertising; Banking, and Finance.

The others are in Education, Manufacturing & Warehousing.

“However, there are industries that thriving in the face of the crisis, for example, there’s a growing demand in industries such as IT & Telecoms, Advertising, Media & Communications and Banking, Finance & Insurance as the top 3 industries with the most postings,” the report said.

In a further breakdown, in IT & Telecoms, it said the positions most sought after are, "Software Developer, Project Manager, IT Technician, Female IT Sales Executive, Graphic Designer, Management Trainee, Web Developer, Fresh Computer Science Graduate, Business Development/Sales Officer, and Female Sales Executive."

In Advertising, Media & Communications and Banking, the positions are, "Graphic Designer, Sales Representative, Social Media Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Executive, Web Developer, Client Service Executive, Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing Executive, and Female Marketing/Sales Executives."

Meanwhile, the report stated that these three industries: Shipping & Logistics, Construction, and Healthcare, are the top 3 industries declining in job postings.

“Furthermore, despite Education being among the top industries, it has dropped compared to the previous year and while Healthcare is among the declining roles, it has grown slightly compared to 2020,” portions of the report read.

The report is dubbed the Impact of COVID-19 Jobs Report: 'How COVID-19 has impacted the Ghanaian jobs market and future of work.'

It also explores factors such as trending industries and sectors, roles and sectors, skills, job levels and benefits caused by COVID-19 as well as job market trends and forecasts for the Ghanaian job market.

See the full report here

Source: www.ghanaweb.com