Business News Mon, 13 Aug 2012

High hotel patronage is a good test case – GHA

The Ghana Hotels Association, GHA says the high patronage in hotel accommodation for President Mills’ funeral has proved to be a critical test-case for the preparedness of the local hotel industry for such developments.

The funeral rites of the late president commenced just two weeks his demise – leaving the hotel industry with little or no time for preparations to host the foreign visitors.


But Vice President of the association, Tom Kueyenfu tells JOY BUSINESS the 3 to 5 star hotels hosting the visitors have so far lived up to the challenge of international service-delivery due to the regular training sessions for their members.

“So far we haven’t had any serious complaints because even before the occasion, we had used our platform to inform our members, especially hotels in Accra of what to expect. But then I would also want to inform our members that this is not the time to over-capitalize – where you think because you have a lot of visitors so you can capitalize by raising your rates”

Source: myjoyonline