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MoMo merchants react to implementation of E-Levy

Momo Vvdf A MoMo merchant with a customer

Mon, 9 May 2022 Source:

Few days into the implementation of the E-levy, some citizens have complained about the lack of understanding and education on the various E-Levy deductions.

Some Mobile Money merchants have consistently complained of low patronage, with some expressing misgivings, while others threatened to close down their shops.

A young SHS graduate who is a Momo Merchant says he has closed down his shop due to low sales.

“For a while now, people only come to cash out, sales are very low. I sit down all day as a merchant and no one comes to transact. As a result, I have closed down my shop”, he said.

Interestingly another merchant insists that he hasn’t been much affected in terms of patronage.

“There haven’t been any changes with regards to transaction. Those who are cashing out are cashing out and those who are sending are sending.”

Another customer in her late 60’s however complained of high charges and says she is discouraged from transferring money through MoMo.

“I sent money to someone today through Momo and the charges are too high, I am discouraged”, she says.

The Electronic Transfer Levy which took effect May 1, 2022 has been met with lots of criticisms and backlash including a Lawsuit from the Minority in Parliament.

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