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NPA to clamp down on transporters who engage in fuel diversion

Tracking devices installed on fuel tankers to reduce fuel diversion

Real-time monitoring to be used to track fuel tankers

Security investigating recent explosion at Kaase, NPA

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA), has warned that transporters whose fuel tankers will be caught engaging in fuel diversion will be banned.

The authority says it will leave no room for illegalities to continue in the petroleum downstream.

Chief executive officer of the NPA, Dr Mustapha Abdul-Hamid, speaking during a visit to the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation depot in Kumasi, transporters who are found culpable will be banned indefinitely according to AsaaseNews reports.

He said the authority has installed tracking devices and seals on tankers that will aid in monitoring the transportation of fuel.

“These loadings are done with the aid of technology and a digitalized platform. When they load, the BRV is sealed but when people leave the BOST depot, instead of them going straight to wherever they’re supposed to offload the products, they’ll go to an authorized yard, small yards dotted around the towns where they’ll then go to try to tamper with the seal.”

Dr Abdul-Hamid also said, “What we need to do is to do real-time monitoring, already we have a monitoring system. We have an electronic cargo tracking system that tracks the movement of the vehicle but the result is often not apt.”

“…So, our next target is to do real-time monitoring and by real-time monitoring and action, immediately we see on the screen that this BRV is diverted, we should be able to see in real-time that he’s diverting his cause and going to the bush so we can call the nearest police station.

…We have also told the tanker owners that if your tanker is involved in tampering or a diversion, we’re going to ban your tanker forever for carrying petroleum products in our country,” he stated.

The NPA boss said the recent explosion at Kaase which involved a fuel tanker purported to be engaged in fuel Siphoning is being investigated by the state and will soon come out with the details.

He appealed to the executives of the Tanker Drivers Union at the Buipe Depot Branch to help fight the tampering of seals on tankers and the siphoning of fuel.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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