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Nana Addo has been a blessing to Northerners - Deputy NPP youth organizer

The New Patriotic Party’s Deputy National Youth Organiser Mr Kwayaja Nganiba Joseph has sound a word of praise for the President of the Republic Nana Akufo Addo for the monumental strides he continues make towards Northerners.

The latest is bringing to the finality of the protracted Dagbon Chieftaincy Crises which the President played a key role in the recent coronation of the New King of Dagbon.

The brief statement copied Kessbenfm.com by the deputy youth organiser reads:

"As a northerner, I am overwhelmed with the support Nana Addo continue to provide us. I sometimes wonder what makes him do the things he does for us.

He is so concerned about the development of the north and the Muslim communities. This man promised that he will follow through to ensure peace in Dagbon and because of his love and commitment to our course, within two years of his presidency, he has achieved it with such precision.

It is just amazing. We are also excited about the $30 m Yendi water project and the number of dams under construction in this part of the country.

Today, two additional regions have been created to facilitate development. Another promise fulfilled. We thank him so much. We once had a northerner as a president who neglected and never cared about us.

He was only interested in our votes and we thank God that he was voted out in 2016", The statement concluded.
Source: kessbenfm.com
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