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New software to enhance service quality to be outdoored in June

A first of its kind customer software application, Focas Software, designed for companies seeking to improve and offer good customer service to clients is expected to be launched in June.

According to Dr. Kobby Mensah, the inventor of the software, the application measures service quality from the customer perspective by assessing a company and its staff performance in five areas, comprising reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and overall satisfaction.

Using the Focas Software will help companies conduct a root cause analysis of service quality and deploy resources easily to address challenges, he said.

“Companies can do reward schemes without subjectivity because this is pure data based on what customers say they are satisfied or not [with]. At the end of the day, you can say this is your best staff or they need training because the system has shown [that]. It helps in HR, resource allocation, customer quality; this is the innovation we have brought,” he told Business24 in an interview.

The Focas Software works by asking a customer to respond to questions on demographics, staff performance, among other features embedded in the application. It takes a customer a maximum of ten seconds to provide the responses.

Explaining further how the application works, Dr. Mensah indicated that as a customer you get to select the picture of the staff that attended to you, fill in your personal details, reason for visit and duration of stay, and then click on the submit button.

From this, an organisation gets to see the customer ratings based on the usage daily score and monthly score.

“All this information is crucial because you can sit back and evaluate each staff and their performance, and also evaluate your entire unit performance at the end of the month. [Also], every day you can see the service quality level.”

It also helps companies to tailor their training to suit customers, and it will ensure companies’ customer service is “top-notch”, he added.

The software, Dr. Mensah stated, can be used by all institutions, from banks, hospitals, to HR agencies.
Source: business24.com.gh
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