Business News Sun, 4 Apr 2021

New trade policy hurting our finances, reverse it – Fan Milk agents tell management

The Agents Association of Fan Milk Ghana Limited is demanding the reversal of a new trade policy imposed on its members by the company’s management.

This comes after management of the dairy product in March this year introduced a new trade policy on its agents. The terms of the policy come with a commission, increased sales targets, and conditions of service for agents of Fan Milk products.

According to the group, the new trade policy is only incurring losses on their finances and subsequently affecting their investments and business.

Edward Sarpong, Chairman of the Agents Association for Fan Milk Ghana during an interaction with Citi News said the newly introduced trade policy will take away some 50% of their earnings.

“The situation is such that at the end of the month, the new trade system that has been brought in will have to drift away almost 50% of what we’ve been earning before. These are the conditions attached to this new trade policy. Normally before the new trade policy, we were going to a policy whereby agents will receive about 6.5% to 9.5% of goods sold out, but now there are a lot of conditions attached to this same policy,” Sarpong explained.

He further added, “Some of these conditions are that your vendors have to be selling 20 days each before you qualify for fully for that 10% otherwise there will be some deductions. Meanwhile, we are buying the goods with our own money, and they don’t even now help us with the repairs they used to do for us. We have approached them severally, and they ignored us.”

Meanwhile, management of Fan Milk Ghana are yet to make a comment on the recent happenings.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com