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Nigerian politician who sued Twitter, worried Ghana picked for Africa HQ

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, on Monday, April 12, announced that the microblogging and social networking firm had picked Ghana as its centre of operations in Africa.

The news apparently has not gone down well with some Nigerians who are split on why the social media giant will pick Ghana ahead of Nigeria.

For some of them, it is a case of the Muhammadu Buhari government’s bad policies and actions and that it served Nigeria right, but others are concerned that with Nigeria’s superior Twitter population, why would Twitter have pivoted to Ghana to rather establish its continental operations.

One such ‘concerned’ Nigerian is Adamu Garba II, a Nigerian politician on record to have sued Twitter over its supposed role in triggering the #EndSARS protests that roiled the country last year.

Adamu, a failed presidential aspirant, incidentally took to Twitter to express his displeasure but to also compare Ghana to Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital.

His post read: "I don’t know what is that buzz about Ghana? a low country less than the size of Lagos.

"Ghana have roughly 3 million Twitter users, Nigerians have 12 million. Was it Buhari the President when Obama shunned Nigeria for Ghana? These guys don’t rate you, accept it for your peace.

"They told you to stay and build your country, you insult, denigrated Nigeria and compare us with very small countries like Ghana.

"You see, every power is afraid of the sleeping giant Nigeria to wake up. Nigeria is the only country with prospects to be African version of China.”

As expected, he drew support and criticism for his post with a sizeable number of Ghanaians camping under his tweet with picture and video trolls.

Below are a number of reactions:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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