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Olam Board of Directors visit Olam grains factory in Tema

Olam Ghana started Wheat Milling in 2012. With a current capacity of 1090 tons/day, Olam owns and operates the highest capacity facility in Ghana. While the market has grown at 1.5% CAGR in last five years, Olam’s volume has been growing at 39% CAGR. It has 28% market share and is ranked at number 2 in Ghana in volume.

Exports account for 45% of Olam Ghana’s total production. Olam’s unique Technical Sales Force (TSF) provides test baking support to bakeries. Its flour recipes are customized for any type of bread, baguette, pastry, doughnut and batard under the Royal Gold, Vital, and First Choice brands.

Olam Ghana currently employs nearly 400 personnel (permanent and contracted) in its mill and field operations across the country. Its network 118 distributors supply flour to several thousand bakeries across the country.

Committed to helping the bakeries flourish, the Olam Ghana Grains team has provided training in finance, IT and fire hazard prevention to many bakers. The company has provided health screening to more than 500 bakeries and school kits to children. They have conducted breast cancer awareness campaigns, planted 11,000 trees in the savannah region and offered scholarships for needy children of Bakery staff.

Mr. Lim Ah Doo, Chairman of Olam International, learning more about the bread baking process from Ms. Ashley Vida Fiagbor, Chief Bakery Technician at Olam Ghana during a Board visit. Ashley oversees the Testing Bakery at Olam Grains Factory and has been with Olam Ghana since 2011. Ashley hails from Ho district in Volta Region.

She is a post graduate and has 11 years, experience prior to Olam. Ashley believes that while anyone can bake bread, precision baking requires expertise and she enjoys her role where she perfects the art of flour recipes, dough making, temperatures and timing. She admires Olam’s emphasis on health and nutrition like the benefits of whole wheat bread.

She is proud to work in Olam because of its values of giving back to community, focus on sustainability, and encouragement towards personal growth. Ashley has a supportive husband and they both work in shifts so that either one can take care of their 2 school going children.

Mr. Messan Kpodar, Lead Operator, explaining the wheat milling process to Ms. Marie Elaine Teo, Independent Non-Executive Director. Messan comes from Keta district in Volta Region. He is in charge of the shift production at the factory. He has a diploma in mechanical engineering and 7 years, prior experience. He joined Olam Grains in 2012 as production operator and has progressively risen to the position of shift in-charge.

He enjoys working in Olam because of its family culture, welfare activities, opportunities for personal and professional growth and performance recognition. Messan says it is a great place to work since he constantly learning from seasoned technical experts. He is married and has 1 son.
Source: asemapanews.com