Business News Mon, 28 Oct 2019

Receiver of 347 collapsed MFC turns 96 branches into operational

As at 23rd October 2019, The Receiver has designated 96 branches of the 347 Microfinance Companies placed into receivership as operational branches to serve the customers of these institutions, as well as the customers of other MFCs whose licenses have been revoked. This information was conveyed in a press release issued by the spokesperson to the receiver, Philomena Kuzoe.

In the release, stakeholders are advised to visit any of these 96 branches for loan repayments and any other inquiries relating to the receivership of their affected Microfinance Company.

The press release also sought to emphasize that the Receiver continues to make payments to depositors whose claims have been duly validated and admitted.

Debtors who have not fully settled their obligations to MFCs under the Receivership have also been encouraged to do so at operational branches in their vicinity.

Customers and debtors have been provided with an array of telephone numbers to clarify the location of operational branches and handle any inquiries. One such telephone numbers is 0302960197.

See list and press release below.

Source: Emmanuel Oscar Ugoh
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