Recycling process in Ghana needs to be enhanced - Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Fidelis Ocloo At Dophil Dr Fidelis Ocloo with some members from Dophil Plastic Waste Recycling Company

Thu, 19 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

We don't have enough recycling plants in Ghana, Dr Ocloo

Recycling company turns plastic wastes into roofing tiles, bricks, pavement tiles

Ghana Atomic Energy Commission to recycle plastics using nuclear technology

The Principal Research Scientist at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Fidelis Ocloo, has called for an improvement in Ghana’s recycling processes to ensure a clean environment.

According to him, there aren't enough recycling plants in Ghana as it is estimated that only 5% of the country’s plastic wastes are recycled.

This, he said, is extremely inadequate and called on government and other institutions to help solve the plastic waste menace to build a green economy.

Speaking to the press during GAEC's visit to Dophil Plastic Waste Recycling Company, Dr Fidelis Ocloo said, "It looks like we don't have enough recycling plants in the country so it is estimated that about 5% of our plastic waste is recycled and this is very minute. We need to enhance our recycling process in Ghana."

He explained that the purpose of their visit to the recycling company is hinged on a project GAEC is about to undertake on recycling using nuclear technology.

He commended the recycling company for turning plastic waste into roofing tiles, bricks, pavement tiles, among others.

Dr Ocloo added that GAEC will collaborate with the company to come out with new ways of improving the thermal and mechanical properties of their products.

The General Manager of Dophil Roofing Systems, Dzifa Hanyabui, on her part said though the business is flourishing, they however face some challenges.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com