Check your reward system if you want to motivate employees – HR Practitioner to business owners

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Wed, 27 Oct 2021 Source: myxyzonline.com

A Human Resource practitioner Ebenezer Kojo Quaquah has advised business owners to check their reward system if they want to motivate their employees.

According to the Hr, aside from money business owners can reward their employees in through other incentives.

"When you want to motivate employees you have to check your reward system your total reward things you give to your employees apart from money. It’s your reward system very competitive’’, he said

In an interview with Ama Pomaa Kyekyeku on Tontonsansan, Mr Quaquah revealed that workers do not compare themselves to their colleagues but rather, others outside the organization.

He further talked about organizational culture and said,

‘’The second part is your organizational culture some certain things are there we don’t really pay attention to. Organizational culture, let’s take it as if every employee spends eight hours of their day at work, and if the situation at work is not good, they say culture is a way of life so your systems and things in your workplace does it support or motivate employees, does it facilitate collaboration, does it facilitate teamwork, when all these things are not there, the employees fail to give out their best. When there’s no peace at the work place we can’t give out our best so let’s take note’’ he added.

Source: myxyzonline.com