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Safety tips for motorists at a filling station

Did you know that there are laid down rules motorists are supposed to follow to protect themselves from any accident at the fuel station?

Private car owners, commercial vehicle drivers have been advised to adhere to the list below to have value for their monies as well safeguard their lives and vehicles.

Some of the guidelines are backed by law - especially - turning off your engine at the pump island.

GhanaWeb business in this article lists some tips motorists have to abide by while at various fuel stations.

Pull up at the pump island

As soon as you get to the area in a fuel station where the pumps stand is, the driver first has to immediately park.

Switch off your engine

Once a vehicle is parked, motorists have been advised to turn off their engines. This directive is backed by law. Though a running engine has less tendency to ignite fire, turning it off will protect passengers and prevent accidents in the filling station.

Turn off your mobile phones

Although this practice is usually unadhered to, switching off your phones will help you stay focused to monitor activities at various pumps.

Do not smoke

The safety of everyone is paramount at the filling station and everyone, both fuel attendants and buyers are not supposed to be smoking at the courts of the filling station because smoking is highly inflammable.

Request your fuel in litres, cedis

Car owners, commercial vehicle drivers have been instructed not to buy fuel in gallons.

From the National Petroleum Authority, it is prudent petroleum consumers request their fuel in litres or Cedi equivalent.

Watch the price display on the pump

Most motorists complain about not being served the right amount of fuel they paid for. Experts have advised that car owners, commercial vehicle drivers, do focus their attention on the display that shows the price keyed in by the attendant before taking off the hose to serve the fuel.

Also, don't forget to cross-check on the display if the amount of fuel you bought tallies with what is on display.

Buy fuel from stations with green sticker from GSA

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has called on consumers to desist from buying fuel dispensed from a pump with a red sticker from Ghana Standard Authority.

Buy from Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) with green stickers on their pumps.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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