Business News Tue, 9 Jun 2015

Transport Ministry to relocate metro mass to Kpone

The Transport Ministry is planning to relocate the Metro Mass Transit Company from its current location at Kaneshie to Kpone.

This forms parts of efforts to help stabilize the operations of the transport company which plays a critical role in the transport sector.

The floods on Wednesday saw vehicles and the warehouse of MMT heavily submerged in water as workers tried to salvage some spare parts from the waters.

The development is likely to have an effect on the operations of Metro Mass Transit(MMT) and transportation in the coming days.


Transport Minister Dzifa Attivor said the transport ministry is in talks with management of the company to expedite work on the Kpone land to allow for the relocation.

β€˜β€™The last time we met -management, we discussed how best we can fast-track the development of the Kpone land so that we can relocate because the floods are not going to end anytime soon and all this is at a cost to government so the earlier we move out of this place, the better.’’

According to the ministry, the development of the Kpone land will go a long way to avert future floods that may hit not only MMT but the likes of STC and some other transport companies.

Source: Citifmonline.com