We're transforming appliance market – Energy Commission tells secondhand dealers

Used Appliancers Some secondhand fridges

Sat, 28 Jan 2023 Source: starrfm.com.gh

The Energy Commission of Ghana has cautioned against the dumping of electronic waste into the country from foreign countries.

Reports suggest that Ghana is largely becoming a dumping ground for electronic waste with the Energy Commission taking serious steps to control that space with the importation of standard goods.

This follows calls by concerned secondhand dealers demanding reconsideration of the government’s plan in relation to the ban on imported secondhand electrical appliances.

According to them, the situation is affecting their livelihood, particularly under the current economic situation in the country.

Commenting on the concerns of dealers with Starr Business, the Energy Efficiency Compliance Officer at Energy Commission, Hubert Nsoh Zan indicated that the Commission has over the years been preaching on the ban on the importation of waste electronics into the country.

He said the ban includes the importation of used refrigerators/freezers, used air conditions, and incandescent lamps into Ghana.

“We found out that a lot of the new ones that are coming in are above standard because there is no regulation and there are no standards. In the same light, most of the used ones that are coming in are discarded and meant for recycling back in Europe.

“What it means is that they have exhausted their life span and are meant to be recycled. And we have our kinsmen who stay abroad importing these products. A lot of research has been done, studies have been done, the impact of used appliances on the environment and the impact of used appliances on consumption, in terms of high data of consumption and we need to look beyond this,” Mr. Nsah Zan stated.

He continued: “There are more implications, economic implications. What it means to even set up power plants and to be able to meet the high demand from this consumption of appliances.”

The Enforcement Officers also explained that the move is geared toward protecting consumers and the environment from future danger that these secondhand electronic appliances might have on the environment.

“Having said this, it is important for us to know, and Ghanaians who are all consumers, that we are only trying to set minimum energy performance of the type of appliances that are coming into the market. The position of the energy commission is very clear that we need to protect the consumers. We are just executing our mandate which is to make sure that the appliance market is transformed.

“So, to be very fair with you, the energy commission is only executing its mandate. We are trying to transform the appliance market and we are advising importers of appliances, make sure they meet the minimum requirement of what the regulations are saying as passed by parliament,” he stated.

Source: starrfm.com.gh