We respect government’s decision on PDS deal - MCC

ECG PDS L Power Distribution Services deal with ECG was cancelled

Fri, 3 Jun 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has welcomed government’s decision to cancel the Power Distribution Services (PDS) deal.

The PDS was to allow private sector participation in the private sector to enhance efficiency.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the MCC, Mahmoud Bah, speaking after a short ceremony to mark the end of the 5-year compact deal, noted his support for the decision by the government.

“We fully agree that private sector PSP in the ECG is required in order for us to have a sustainable solution. You cannot continue to do things the way you do it. But we respect the decision of the government.”

He also disclosed government’s readiness to support with funds that would have been generated by the private sector.

Mr. Bah noted that the deal has enhanced the country’s total transmission capacity and the transmission network capacity by 1,015 MVA which represents 10% of the country’s transmission capacity.

This according to him, was achieved by the construction of two BSPs (the two largest of the country), two primary substations, and other IT investments, the MCC-Ghana Power Compact.

He also added that the new power substations directly serve the 37 Military hospital, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, the University of Ghana Medical Center, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, the National Mosque, and over 800,000 utility customers.

“This is great work! Further, the MCC-Ghana Power Compact established the Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Test Laboratory, the first of its kind in West Africa, to promote renewable energy sources and curtail the country’s use of low-quality, less energy-efficient equipment, and appliances”.

The CEO noted that these will also help Ghana’s climate change agenda.

“The Compact activities also installed more than 14,000 new, energy-efficient LED streetlights and new metered energy management systems, replacing old, inefficient lighting and setting a new standard for energy savings”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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