Business News Sat, 26 Feb 2022

Women charged to pursue careers in technology regardless of their backgrounds

Founder and CEO of Divaloper, Ms. Zulaiha Dobia Abdallah, has charged Ghanaian women to develop interest and pursue a career in technology regardless of their background and training.

The tech advocate, coder and software developer was speaking at an event organized by the Youth Opportunity and Transformation in Africa (YOTA) in Accra.

The theme for the event, “Journey: Starting out in my career” brought together young men and women from across the country.

Ms. Zulaiha Dobia told her audience that “today’s world is driven by technology and COVID 19 has shown us the importance of mastering technology and driving its full benefits”.

The founder of Divaloper, who has mentored hundreds of young girls in IT and its related fields, encouraged her audience whether they are lawyers, doctors, pharmacists to embrace and learn technology to make them very competitive in today’s world.

She took her audience through the process by which they can learn the basics with the aid of google. The CEO stated that “a career in tech is more about what you know and not necessarily the degrees one has acquired”.

She allayed the fears of women that “it is not in every area of tech that coding is required”, stating that, such fears are misplaced.
Source: mynewsgh.com