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Year in Review: Most unique business venture of 2021

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Fri, 31 Dec 2021 Source:

Several businesses try their very best to add a touch of finesse to their products or services to stand out, attract and/or retain customers.

Amongst the tall list of businesses doing amazingly well, the work of Eno Quargrine; founder of Talkative Mom caught the eye of the business desk.

She started as a blogger sharing titbits on how to be a great mother, as well as, how to have a good parent-child relationship.

She then developed an app to serve as a go-to place for mothers to educate them on maternal issues, ie, childbirth to raising them, among others.

Appearing on GhanaWeb's BizTech programme, Eno Quargrine said, “I noticed that every woman that gets pregnant may often download some pregnancy-related platform or app that will guide them through their journey and there was nothing of the sort like that from Ghana even in 2020. Since I had a blog post of which I was sharing some relevant information and resources for women and moms, I then decided that we evolve from the blog post into a mobile app which gives you everything and resources that would be needed because I felt that the blog was a bit limited to just information sharing."

“The app for instance is a unique parenting platform built for the Ghanaian mom with a range of features where one could find all the very necessary information shared by a host of certified experts, products and marketplace vendors, schools services providers etc.,” she explained.

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