'4More4Nana' slogan for BECE food: This is how low our politics has sunk – Mahama

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Comment: Understand Mahama.

2020-08-26 17:37:10
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'4More4Nana' slogan for BECE food: This is how low

You think so? Politics sunk so low at your time that you freely gave out vehicles bought with state funds. At least we know of Akua Donkor and Appia stadium. Like Tracey Boakye, Mahama is quick to respond to anything he sees on social media. You branded state buses with your pictures where the state paid GHC3.6m. At long last GHC1.7 out of the amount was refunded to the state as the cost of the branding was inflated.
This video you are talking about is a propaganda one. Where did it happen? A mother of one of the girls was heard on radio raining curses on the one who made the video. She said he child is in JHS 2 and supposed to be at home. He said a certain woman and a man promised those kids that whoever wore his or her school uniform and appeared in the video would be given GHC5 and free lunch pack.
If politics has sunk so low, it started from your time. JDM, I want to remind you of the actor who pretended he had been beaten by NPP tugs and plastered all his face.

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DDT on Aug 26, 2020 17:37
Understand Mahama.
NANA CAPTAIN SMART on Aug 26, 2020 18:06