NLC must apologise to striking nurses over court move – GMA

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Comment: You are not patriotic

2020-09-22 16:59:03
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NLC must apologise to striking nurses over court m

A whole medical school scholars speaking like this.
Where else shall we find people with wisdom in Ghana.
You can pamper your rebellious children at home and it is non of anybody's business but not people who have sworn an aoth.
For the nurses, the least said about them the better.
Can you do this in a serious private hospital.
Some of you have lost your thinking cups.
You are being pawns for NDC. Manipulated and controlled remotely.
This beats my imaginations.
This is arm robbery.
They should do this to their husbands if the have any and see if they will not be divorced.
The state has divorced them. No body is going to sit with them.
They should continue their strike indefinately.
Their reward is awaiting them.

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