Underutilised energy infrastructure costs Ghana US$2.5 million loss per month - ACEP

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2021-04-05 07:23:40
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Not True

Am not sure Benjamin Boakye understands what he is talking about. Maybe someone brief him about the work of the Capacitor Banks but he didn't listen well or he did not understand well. GRIDCO made mention of 4 major projects which are currently on going of the contractors have requested an outage in order to complete those projects. I think being an expert you need to go to the ground to ascertain whether those projects are ongoing before you speak to issues. Gridco didn't mention capacitor banks and you are talking about chuff here. Is only Ghana that we have experts who doesn't know anything about what they are in experts in but purely base their expertise in reading materials and research work by the academia. This guy is expert in Petroleum and in distribution and as well as transmission. Aaaba. Pls Mr Ben kindly master in one Area so that you can come out very well.

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