Africa must deploy robust fraud management system for trading under AfCTFA - Obinne

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Comment: Fraud is happening everyday

Ayeka last show
2021-04-05 14:50:37
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Africa must deploy robust fraud management system

The system is very weak so people do a lot of fraudulent under dealings without being caught.
1. DVLA, Customs, and the Vehicle Insurance companies should compare the chassis numbers of all vehicles in Ghana with their number plates. Alot of things will be discovered when that initiative starts. There are too many fake number plates in Ghana although such vehicles have insurance on them.

2. Government of Ghana should provide body cam to every policeman on duty to record every activity including the bribes they take from drivers.

3. Government should employ undercover to be providing the security agencies with filler.

4. More effort should be made to check fake foods and expired food products on the markets. Some food Products in the country don't have licences.

5. Government should ensure that every company registered at the registrar general department pays taxes.

6. Instance justice for road offenders especially those who crossed red light and fail to obey speed limit.

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Ayeka last show on Apr 5, 14:50
Fraud is happening everyday