GRIDCo’s technical issues will be resolved fully by end of the year – NAPO

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Comment: Sheer incompetence

2021-04-08 08:27:27
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GRIDCo’s technical issues will be resolved fully

Ghanaians when will we stop believing that these useless politicians of both parties can solve anything. We had severe dumsor under NDC and now we are back into a cycle of power outages under this administration. They build a road or a interchange and they think they have achieved, honestly what we need is to look at ourselves and ask the hard question, are we a capable people of managing our own affairs? 64 years of managing our own affairs and still we are having power outages, water shortages, poor roads across the country, no meaningful healthcare system, an education system where children are still taught under trees and quality of output is pathetic, theft from every level of society, corruption that is openly carried out without impunity. Politicians go into government to solve problems and improve the lives of citizenry. Laying out what a pathetic society we live in should it be no surprise that we get what we vote for, useless incompetent politicians....

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Kofi on Apr 8, 08:27
Sheer incompetence