Cancel Africa’s debts; restructure global financial architecture – Akufo-Addo to Europe, others

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Comment: Ghana beyond aid?

2021-05-19 03:17:41
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Whatever happened to the Ghana beyond aid mantra? President you are full of hot air and I am getting disappointed and irritated with you. Earlier so stated that Ghana will no longer sell unprocessed cocoa to Switzerland. This is as if Ghanaians know how to really make good chocolate. We can’t even protect our farmlands from dangerous chemicals, and soon we will not even be able to sell our raw cocoa abroad because of pollution. You have borrowed to your eyeballs and now you want the loans to be forgiven. Fat chance, buddy.
If you had implemented a targeted free SHS policy, you would have protected the public purse. It is senseless for kids from well to do homes to attend SHS for free. Now Ghana is broke and you have nothing to show for all the loans. What a wasted political opportunity, Mr President.

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Kojo on May 19, 2021 03:17