FULL TEXT: BoG Governor's address at commissioning of Bank Hospital

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Comment: Shamelessly Hiding The Truth

Kojo Sromani
2021-07-08 17:43:24
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FULL TEXT: BoG Governor's address at commissioning

They always try to find a way to water down the work of the previous government in development projects they know nothing about. The BOG is a government of Ghana fully owned entity, and there is no way they can independently take such a gargantuan amout of money to build a hospital without the approval and direction of government. In their shame,they now mention Amissah Arthur, Wampoa and Dr Nasiru, all governors under the NDC as initiators, then all the crap up to where they met it in 2017. The development of a major hospital must always fit into government plans, and so it must have taken the Mahana government which had the building of hospitals as part of its programmes, to have given the go ahead and got the governors to give meaning to what we have today. As usual, since we know the Akuffo group of incompetent apparatchicks will.like to do, nobody should be surprised at their behaviour. They are always quick to unashamedly claim private factories owned by individuals as their 1D1F project, yet they will not acknowledge state projects done under the previous regime as NDC project worthy of commendation. Now we await the commissioning of the Pokuase Interchange to see what the incompetent Akuffo Addo and his ever fumbling minister of roads will say. This is a project they have no clue as to how it was thought or dreamt of, conceptualised, designed, and how the funds were sourced; they will surely try to conjure their usual tales to deceive Ghanaians, but that will not wash because we all know the truth about the history of the project. At least, the parliamentary hansard will help us.

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Kojo Sromani on Jul 8, 17:43
Shamelessly Hiding The Truth