Akufo-Addo laments how Africa is treated in trade partnerships

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Comment: Why won’t they do that!!!

Boris Johnson!!!
2021-08-01 17:54:06
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Akufo-Addo laments how Africa is treated in trade

U come to London for summit to talk this, do u think they take notice of this. Deal with internal problems first and u can move more on international business. You have disappointed some of us who had hope of you changing the old ways of bad and corrupt ways in Ghana. U seems to careless. .. u still have time,, do below and u will see been loved for life with great respect.

1. Respect the poor n invest in them. Bring the gab bet rich n poor.
2. Help the vulnerable and children ie through our small money the county get. Making sure no child n elderly suffer.

3. Make law n enforcement work to the highest level
4. Fight corruption even the people around you.
And lastly aim at providing jobs for the youth .

You failed on all this !!!

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Boris Johnson!!! on Aug 1, 17:54
Why won’t they do that!!!