Ghana seals US$95 million Japanese grant for Tema Motorway II and N8 projects

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Comment: Muuumu Jon

Yaw Osei
2021-09-14 23:01:23
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I voted for the NPP , ghana is for everyone and not NPP of NDC , corruption goes on and politicians get away with it because of idiots like you whatever you call your stupid self Sangrinu boy .. your comments alone shows how dumb you are .
If the people don’t ask questions how do you think the country will will develop? It NDC steal and you call them out then you are an NPP member and if like the way this Nana Addo government is robbing Ghana in broad day light , if you say then you are an NDC member right ?
Foolish man ...

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Yaw Osei on Sep 14, 2021 23:01