Ghana seals US$95 million Japanese grant for Tema Motorway II and N8 projects

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Comment: The Sad Story of Ghana

2021-09-15 00:10:11
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Ghana seals $95m Japanese grant for Tema Motorway

Africa will continue to wallow in the poverty cycle simply because it borrows from the other worlds and gives the money back to them. When you borrow and have your own contractors execute the work, most of the money remains in the continent to expand the economies. Look at it this way if i give you loan and you give me a task to use the loan to perform for you i have benefited more than the recipient of the loan.
1. You have given me a job.
2. I have lend you money that will give me interest i cannot get in any developed world.
3. I will repatriate my profit.
4. You may be compelled to rehire me for maintenance work on the project in the near future because maintenance instruction may be in my language which you do not understand. Someone may say Africa does not have the expertise for such herculean tasks. I bet there are more than qualified people to do the same quality of work if given the chance. Read GPS's science and engineering post

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OMANBAPA on Sep 15, 2021 00:10